Saturday, September 11, 2010


This will have to be quick as I am not on my own computer!

*Brought the laptop to BestBuy to be FIXED, apparently that translates into - Pay us lots of money or you will only get it back once you've completed this fall semester! Geeksquad, more like ass... I'll stop there.

* CB's bestfriend moved in, spent no quality time with him last weekend, we actually got into a mini fight over it, and he isn't home this weekend

* I wish I could say more

*Almost quit my job in the middle of a shift

*Missed one of my first classes, but really love my forensic psych prof so far

*Mom left for her birthday cruise ... with both my credit and debit card. I have no cash. YAY

I need a hug

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And breathe

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I woke up this morning, went downstairs, made a cup of coffee, enjoyed a cigarette, and then went for a pee. I came out of the bathroom celebrating and doing my little happy dance because I GOT MY PERIOD! I am not pregnant! I quickly sent CB a text to let him know the good news.
Whew. One crisis averted, one more left to deal with. After this happy news it was off to get my test results.
This clinic is retarded! I was the only person in the place but she still made me register by computer. I hadn't even finished and she was calling my name... Ah well can't complain too much, short wait time.
So here I was sitting in a gray, drab, and depressing room all alone thinking worse case scenario situations when the doctor walks in, looks at the chart, looks at me, looks at the chart, looks at me, looks back at the chart and then finally speaks. By this time I was freaking out, I was thinking of shaking him and screaming "tell me the truth!!!I can handle the truth".
Long story short, I'm fine. I just have to go for an ultra sound to find the source of my lower abdominal pain.
When CB called me to see how everything had gone I couldn't resist, I answered the phone "I'm pregnant, we're having twins!!" I thought this was hilarious, he did not. "But I thought you said this morning you got your period!!!" Was his response. I quickly told him I was kidding since I heard him in the car and was scared he was driving. Anyways, I made myself laugh....hehe
So all in all good news!!
The next big thing is now getting myself ready for school! Tomorrow I have pay tuition, buy a computer desk, get this stupid lap top fixed (it crashed 4 times yesterday while I was making my post), buy earphones so I can tune everyone out on the bus (not looking forward to taking the bus again), go deal with Rogers and fix my cell plan oh and buy back to school shoes.Yes the girl who manages a shoe store does not have back to school shoes, go figure! I've got boots, I've got sandals, I've got heels, but I have no practical shoes left.

*What I miss about him most tonight - is the look on his face every Friday night when he comes bouncing down the stairs to let me in and the feeling I get walking from my car to his front door.