Saturday, July 31, 2010

I want to kick you in the face!

What a day, what a day, WHAT A DAY!!!!

It just wouldn't end! Even after I closed the store it didn't end! I had a lady come to the door and bitch me out cause one of the girls said we would close at 7 today and she drove a half hour to come do a return. We close at 6...she showed up at bad, so sorry, better luck next time! She actually asked me how I was going to compensate her for her time and gas.... "Not out of my own pocket!" was my actual answer to her and she looked confused...So I kindly answered "Well it's not like I'm going to go upstairs and get my wallet to give you money for the gas you used to drive over here."
Honestly what did this woman think I was really about to do?Re-open the system to do a return after hours? That looks a little fishy.
Buy the shoes off her? Umm no.
Estimate how many kilometers she drove and at what speed to figure out roughly how much gas she used up? No!
I really don't know what she expected to happen, I'm sorry she drove for 30 minutes and wasted her time but what about my time she wasted arguing with me through the door? Who is going to compensate me for that? That's 15 minutes I could have been home earlier and I would've arrived headache free.

On to happier news...

CB is home on summer leave!!!!
Which is why I have been to busy to write! He has pretty much kidnapped me and held me captive at his place, not against my will ;).

I must admit waking up Monday morning and not having to pack bags half asleep, say goodbye, and drive home to crawl back into my bed was weird!! Amazing but weird. I just kept thinking he'd have to leave any moment.

I could definitely get use to having him around more often and am loving every second that hes home. It's going to make his deployment that much harder since by the time he goes I'll have just gotten comfortable to having him here but I know I can do it.

He spoils me rotten :). He makes us breakfast, packs my lunch, and then has food waiting for me when I get in at night which he's mindful to cook enough of to leave leftovers for my lunch. Too cute! I can't wait to spoil him back on my vacation!! Just have to come up with some healthy recipes..... :S

Alright my mind is officially fried!

Vacation starts tomorrow at 11AM sharp!! I plan on having a glass of wine in my hand by 12PM sharp!

Since hes away for the night I might as well continue with my trend:
*What I miss about him most today is - the way he takes my pulse at random times. He mostly does it right before we go to bed, he thinks I don't notice what he's doing but I've caught on and for some reason I find this adorable.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

All my worrying was for nothing. He was fine! Didn't have much fun, got a little sick for a few hours, but over all fine! Whew...
Being stuck at work knowing he was home was torture but I loved it. I kept catching myself with this huge grin throughout the day. At 5 I ran upstairs grabbed my bags, changed as quickly as I could only to run out the front door into a storm.

Now I don't know why but the people here seem to slow down to turtle speed, not slow enough to justify calling is snail speed, the second a rain drop appears. It's like they forget we spend more than half the year driving in snow and on black ice, a little rain is not a HUGE cause of concern.

So aside from the rain of course its 5pm prime time for traffic and with my luck I am getting stuck at every red light possible.Now I swear if there was a camera in my car this is the exact facial expression and hand gesture I would have been caught doing just about the whole drive. Just add a some long hair, minus the suit, dirty the car a little more et voila you would have moi.

It felt so great to see him I just couldn't let go. I also have to admit I secretly love the way he asked me if I missed him first, completely cleared my mind of thinking he didn't miss me, well that and everything else he said and did.

He was home for 2 days, we didn't do much just enjoyed each others company. Went out for dinner, I gave him his belated birthday presents, and baked him...errr under baked him... brownies as a birthday cake.

His leave starts tomorrow and I am excited. It's going to be so nice to have him home for a month. I took a week off to spend with him and now I'm trying to come up with a list of things to do so far I've got
  • Water park
  • Casino
  • Zoo
  • Beach
  • Drinking
  • Nice restaurant
  • Mini putt
Basically all the every day summer things most people take for granted.

Well I over ate on sushi and am officially exhausted so I'm off to roll myself into bed

Saturday, July 17, 2010

So close I can almost taste it!

So here I am, yesterday afternoon, laying outside tanning and reading (the tenth circle) when all of a sudden my cell phone rings. No big deal right? Except for it took me like 2 minutes to realize it was CB calling and I almost missed the call! I was in such shook I just kept looking at the name on caller ID thinking "it's all in your head, the heat is getting to you, this is a mirage"

Well it turns out I got my dates mixed up. He's flying home tomorrow afternoon and he should be in town late late Sunday night or Monday morning if he decided to catch some sleep at the shacks.*Happy dance*Having to be at work Monday morning knowing he's in town is going to be torture but at least I'm not closing the store!

Speaking of the store... I screwed up. I didn't manage the store well one day this week and we end up so much further away from making our weekly budget than we should have been. I'm really disappointed with myself, I can't stop beating myself up about it.
Oh and while I'm on the subject of work, I was getting ready for work this morning following my usual routine:
-go downstairs & have coffee with mom
-listen to the weather- go to the laundry room and pick out an outfit for work
-come upstairs turn on the lights and my laptop for music
-get ready
Well I complete the first 3 steps flawlessly and am now upstairs in my room, I go and pull on the cord for the lights on my ceiling fan.....nothing happens
Me "hmm thats weird" and I pull again. Ta da! Let there be light! And TV! The TV turned its self on.....
Me" hmm I must have stepped on the remote" ...nope... its on the other side of my bed next to the wall on the floor...
I find this creepy especially because the night before I brought a snack up into my room and assumed the dog followed me like usual. He likes to hide under the blankets, so when the blankets had moved I assumed it was him and called him to see if he wanted a piece of what I was eating... He didn't poke his head out so I lift the blankets to look for him, no dog. He was downstairs in his cage fast asleep....

Needless to say I wont be watching any scary movies before bed tonight :)

*What I miss about him most today - How competitive he can be - the look on his face when I kicked his ass at battleship, TWICE, and UFC on ps3 the first time we played.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 4-1-1

I was laying out tanning today sweating my ass off (where the hell is a breeze when you need one?) when I realized I haven't blogged about how I met Mr. Combat Boots , I think I'll be shortening that to Mr. CB from now on, or any background information about me SOOO here it is:
About a year ago I gave up my place I had on my own and moved over a province to come live with my mom and start university. I was a bartender back home and with the lifestyle I was living going to school there was not an option, let alone paying for it, my apartment, my car, and paying of my gigantic visa balance.
I got accepted as a mature student at the university in psychology and just completed my first probationary year pretty well I might add! A's and B's! Who knew I was smart?!?!

I miss my girlfriends back home like crazy but am starting to learn to cope with it. Since I am older than most of the people in my classes, they're all fresh out of high school and well I've got a good 5 years on them, I haven't made that many friends here. Well Except A shes awesome but shes gone for the summer so boo.
I am part of the management team in a shoe store, this is horrible! They give you 50% off!!!!
Hi my name is Elle and I have a shoe problem....
umm what else...

Mr. CB and I met online, he was new to the area as well - yes this is the excuse I use to explain away why I used a dating site and its okay.
- I don't really think there is anything wrong with using a dating site but I can admit I am embarrassed about it

I actually had no interest in him what so ever at the start, finally months after having him on msn I decided to have dinner with him at his place of all places-this was our first meeting and why I often question what goes on inside this head of mine
He cooked, it wasn't great, we drank wine, and well we misbehaved...
We started seeing each other for a little, he went back home for the holidays, turned into an ass and didn't call so I moved on.

Fast forward a few weeks and my girlfriend now wants to borrow a dvd series I freakin left at his place so I put on my big girl panties and decide I can handle calling and asking for them. Getting those back took weeks! Finally we nailed down a time he was home and I had time to run by and grab them.
Me being me I'm pissed cause I just finished a 10 hour shift, I look like shit and NOW he wants me to come get the freaking dvds. I told him to leave them in the mailbox but NOOO he when I call to ask for the house # he says he's on his way down. My mind is currently going FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!! wait FUCK!! He opens the door and instantly I'm screwed!

He looked good!
He invites me in, I declined took the dvds and drove home as fast as I could before I could change my mind.

From that we start talking again, and seeing each other again but I had a handle on the situation! I know now that Mr. CB has commitment issues, he is NOT boyfriend material, he is just a friend and a someone to have fun with, a lot of fun!

Well doesn't the idiot force me to meet his dad and grandma.
I hate meeting the family, I get attached. I love family, its really important to me so this to me was just weird. He lied and told me he wanted me to come over cause it was awkward with them and his dad was getting on his nerves, I figured "hey, what are friends for! I'll help distract them, I'll bring over cards and we'll all just hang out". WRONG! Oh oh oh so wrong!

His dad decided to play 52 questions with me, about me (not so bad), about Mr. CB and I (VERY awkward!), how we met, if we were a couple, and hinting that he knew we were both seeing other people as well. WEIRD! Awkward! Torture! Those are the words that come to mind when I think back to that night.
Anyways doesn't Mr.CB's dad point out to him that I'm such a great girl, and all these other things and convince him that he can handle a relationship. Oy
Now CB declares he thinks he can be a boyfriend and he wants to try, so I let him.

EPIC FAIL!!!! He didn't even last a week....
That conversation ended with me hanging up on him after calling him a coward, deleting him from msn, facebook, and bbm. I swore I'd never speak to him again and I decided I was over it.

I've now moved on and have starting dating again and he resurfaces. Grrrr
I bitched him out on msn, apparently forgetting to BLOCK him.
Anyways I think this story is long enough lol he appologized, I forgave him, and he has been a great boyfriend ever since. I do still worry and have threatened to chop his nuts off with a butter knife if he reverts to an ass again but I trust him.

*What I miss about him most today:
-The way he insists on teaching me choke holds even though my tiny frame is way to small to execute them properly on someone of his size.
Him = 5'10 & muscular, Me = 5'1 & tiny

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's just another sad love song

You ever notice how when you're a little down all that plays on the radio are even more depressing songs?
I was thrilled to go to work today so that I could stay busy and keep my mind off of Mr. Combat Boots. Everything started off great! Lots of work to be done, some of my favorite girls were working with me. I walk downstairs to get started and its sappy love song after depressing you broke my heart song. It went on and on and on like that ALL DAY! I was almost tempted to just turn the satellite radio off for the rest of the day. Oi!


I love this picture! I feel like this is exactly how I'll react when he gets home. The poor guy has no idea what he is in for lol.

4 more days!!
Till I hopefully get my phone call.
I feel like the worst girlfriend ever at the moment I really can't remember if that's when he'll be able to call or if that's when they are expected home. I'm like 80% sure its when he'll have access to his phone... probably just my wishful thinking that has me confused in thinking it might be when he'll be home.

What I miss about him most today - the way he has to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door so he can be in between me and whatever "threat" may come in in the middle of the night. For some reason this just makes me laugh, I'm convinced it's an excuse he came up with awhile ago so he could have the right side of the bed when I sleep over and he has just come to believe its true.I had a hard time falling asleep last night so I actually went down stairs and pulled out this huge stuffed teddy bear I have, climbed back into bed but on the left side and put Hunter, yes the teddy bear has a name, on the right side of the bed to cuddle with. It kinda helped :)

I have the next 2 days off work and I'm concerned. I'm not good with free time... I go a little stir crazy. I've made a list of things I want to accomplish:
  • Put up my curtain rod and curtains
  • Put up 2 shelves
  • Clean out my dresser and donate clothes
  • Tan - if the sun co-operates
  • Find & start reading a good book - any suggestions??
I'm a bit of a klutz, ok maybe a lot of a klutz, so the DIY projects may be a little interesting... I'll just be happy if I get them up lol, if they're level then I'll be doing my happy dance all day :)
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In The Feild

It's been 6 days since I've heard his voice on the other end of the phone, gotten a text message, or any kind of update from him

It's been 11 days since I've seen seen him last

It should be another 5 days till I get to speak to him, hopefully

Some days are harder then others, today is hard to say the least. My heart aches to see him, to touch his face, to kiss him, to just hear his voice.

I can't help but worry... Is he safe? When is he coming home? Does he think of me?

What scares me the most is if it's this hard now and hes just across the country how will I do when he is half way across the world for much, much longer?