Saturday, July 31, 2010

I want to kick you in the face!

What a day, what a day, WHAT A DAY!!!!

It just wouldn't end! Even after I closed the store it didn't end! I had a lady come to the door and bitch me out cause one of the girls said we would close at 7 today and she drove a half hour to come do a return. We close at 6...she showed up at bad, so sorry, better luck next time! She actually asked me how I was going to compensate her for her time and gas.... "Not out of my own pocket!" was my actual answer to her and she looked confused...So I kindly answered "Well it's not like I'm going to go upstairs and get my wallet to give you money for the gas you used to drive over here."
Honestly what did this woman think I was really about to do?Re-open the system to do a return after hours? That looks a little fishy.
Buy the shoes off her? Umm no.
Estimate how many kilometers she drove and at what speed to figure out roughly how much gas she used up? No!
I really don't know what she expected to happen, I'm sorry she drove for 30 minutes and wasted her time but what about my time she wasted arguing with me through the door? Who is going to compensate me for that? That's 15 minutes I could have been home earlier and I would've arrived headache free.

On to happier news...

CB is home on summer leave!!!!
Which is why I have been to busy to write! He has pretty much kidnapped me and held me captive at his place, not against my will ;).

I must admit waking up Monday morning and not having to pack bags half asleep, say goodbye, and drive home to crawl back into my bed was weird!! Amazing but weird. I just kept thinking he'd have to leave any moment.

I could definitely get use to having him around more often and am loving every second that hes home. It's going to make his deployment that much harder since by the time he goes I'll have just gotten comfortable to having him here but I know I can do it.

He spoils me rotten :). He makes us breakfast, packs my lunch, and then has food waiting for me when I get in at night which he's mindful to cook enough of to leave leftovers for my lunch. Too cute! I can't wait to spoil him back on my vacation!! Just have to come up with some healthy recipes..... :S

Alright my mind is officially fried!

Vacation starts tomorrow at 11AM sharp!! I plan on having a glass of wine in my hand by 12PM sharp!

Since hes away for the night I might as well continue with my trend:
*What I miss about him most today is - the way he takes my pulse at random times. He mostly does it right before we go to bed, he thinks I don't notice what he's doing but I've caught on and for some reason I find this adorable.

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  1. oh my god, i could feel your rant and rage... .. ;) but I hope blogging about it felt better.

    just say "sucks to be you!" lol