Saturday, August 7, 2010

C is for Cookie

I am officially a cookie monster... I can shamefully admit that I just stuffed my face full thanks to Mr. Christi's chocolate chip cookies! Fair warning Mr.Christie my scale will not be thanking you in the morning after I toss it out the bathroom window.

CB has been away this week but luckily I get to pick him up from the airport tomorrow!!
I realize I am horrible at posting everyday when he is home and that's mainly because he has no idea I've started this yet and I don't just plan on sitting down next to him while he plays star craft...? star ship??...anyways some computer game and just start blogging. I may have to tell him about this at some point...

I've recently started taking birth control again, after being on it for like 5 years and stopping for the last 2 since I was convinced it had something to do with a lump I had found in my breast. Anyway back to the point, every night at 10pm an annoying little alarm goes off on my phone and I walk downstairs to take my pill like a good little girl. To make this process more interesting my alarm says "Time to take your anti baby pill!!" which only made me laugh the first time. The new plan to keep me interested and remind me to take it will be as follows:
Step 1 - buy 6 months of pills
Step 2- count how many pills there are in a 6 months supply
Step 3 - Use my birth control pills as a calendar to keep track of CB's tour when he does go over
My mom got a good laugh out of this plan when I told it to her. She couldn't figure out why I was so interested in take my pills so intensely while he's away.

And just a quick note this is officially the first year I don't celebrate my birthday all week, this year it will only be a 3 day event! I felt this was important enough that I needed to write it down some place.... lol

*What I miss about him most today - the way he always laughs at me when I drive and reach out to rest my hand on his leg. He some how seems to think this is behavior only appropriate of him.

Off to count to sheep

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