Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to Reality

Well well well.... I am officially another year older....

My birthdays usually follow a certain theme every year, it's always the same one, the theme is "Let's make your birthday nothing about you" which usually is a huge disappointment because I love my birthday, well any holiday for that matter.
This year wasn't too bad. CB did an amazing job of focusing all the attention on me. Friday we went out for an amazing dinner, Saturday my girlfriends came to town and we went mini putting with CB and his little brother. It was awesome I felt like such a big kid, it was this massive glow in the dark place and they gave you glow sticks and all that jazz. I played horrible! But then again so do all us girls. We all ended with a score of about 60 points....and here's the worst part so did CB!! CB's a sore loser... lol it was cute, I think he actually pouted in the dark.
The girls were suppose to come back with us and have dinner and what not but instead they decided to stay at the hotel which annoyed me slightly but I decided I wouldn't let it get to me. That worked out perfectly until one of them actually had the nerve to message me and ask me to drive downtown and see them at their hotel.

Now let me explain, normally this wouldn't be an issue but you see the original plan from months ago was they were suppose to stay at CB's with me so we could all be together and not stuck in a hotel room. Things got complicated when more people were suppose to come so when she booked the hotel room I didn't say anything. Now fast forward to Saturday we spent an hour figuring out a way to check them into a hotel, get them back to CB's, and then get all of us downtown. As CB and I are on our way to go get them they decided it was too complicated and wanted to stay at the hotel.They way I see it is, you didn't want to come to CB's why should I have to come alone to see you when I've already had a few drinks, and be the one that has to go pick my car up in the morning all hungover?

On to a happier note CB made my birthday he spoiled me.
He got me a secret present that I didn't show anyone, cause well that would just be awkward, as well as a HUGE stuffed teddy bear that I have to name still. Any suggestions?
He got me him to sleep with while he's gone on deployment...which I realized last night is coming up fast. I cried myself to sleep...hopefully CB didn't notice.

And yes my room is obnoxiously pink! I love it! Shh!

He's back to work today and it felt weird, I really got use to having him home. I was so lost with myself I went to go buy a puzzle to keep myself busy. Usually work would more than keep me busy but we have been over spending on hours and not making our budgets so everyone's hours have been reduced until further notice. I think this is a little backwards thinking as it's back to school shopping and we need to be fully staffed in order to server our clients, keep the store clean, and stay on top of everything.

School starts back up soon, can't wait! I'm so ready to nerd it up! If only my books weren't already sold out...WTF?!?!?!

*What I miss about him most today - is the way he still makes a fuss over his morning breath but is still the first one to try and kiss in the morning

Oh before I forget
I almosted blurted out I L _ _ _ Y_ _ the other day but started cracking up laughing instead. Of course CB being CB he kept bugging me till I passed out. First this the next morning I think I got away with it but noooo! First words out of his mouth "So why were you laughing last night?" My mind went "Fuuuuuuck!!!" So after a few minutes of his pestering I told him don't be naive, and he replies I'm not I've known since last night!
Whammy! I am not so slick...
I never came out and said it if you're wondering.

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