Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You know those days when...

I could not have picked a worse week to decide to quit smoking, apparently!

I've been smoking for 8 years. Wow, that's scary.

My plan was to cut down drastically and finish the last 5 in my pack and be done with it.
I had 1 with my morning coffee, it didn't do anything for me, I didn't enjoy it.I had 1 on my drive to work with the intention of only having one more on my lunch break. I enjoyed this one.

I got to work and had to go work in the kids section, ALONE! It's back to school season if you haven't noticed and every brat and they're mom are out shopping for shoes instead of having their afternoon nap!! Okay so I'm just kidding, the kids are adorable, it's the parents that are the pain in the ass in most cases.
*I couldn't find a picture of someone drowning in shoe boxes, so just picture the bags as boxes*

Apparently I wasn't informed but our back stock room is suppose to be magical and I am suppose to have an endless supply of every shoe in every size. Oh and while we are living in the world of make belief lets say it cleans its self too!

PARENTS - Shoes run out of sizes, especially when they are on sale! It is not my fault you a) did not get here when the sale started, b) didn't get here promptly when our fall shoes arrived, and c) that your kid needs a popular shoe size! Please keep in mind that I do not do the ordering or make the shoes! All I am responsible as far as your kids and their shoes are concerned is measuring their stinky little feet, making recommendations, finding the stock for you, making sure you buy 2+ items, and trying to sell you shoe care.

I knew I didn't want to go to work before I left this morning. I was right.
I sold 1,000$ off kids shoes in an hour. I was now ready for cigarette # 3. It tasted like shit, I only smoked half of it.
This is the mess I pretty much came back into after my little smoke break. I cried a little.

I was completely stressed out by my lunch break that I had my last 2... Shame on me. I didn't enjoy either of them... My stress only continued through the night and I bought a new pack, the guy the sold me the pack pissed me off more as did everyone else at the gas station.

I'm just curious, how the hell is a health care card WITH MY BIRTH DATE, AND PHOTO not a photo ID??? The idiot wouldn't take that but he took a random paper given to me as a temporary licence that has no picture what so ever over my health care card... WTF?!

So long story short, I've smoked 6 today and have a brand new back. FML, I suck at quitting.

Somebody give me a hug!!

*What I miss about him most today - how laying on the couch watching Lost with him is my favorite distraction.

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  1. ohhhh tough job! i could just imagine the back to school shopping sale scene