Thursday, July 22, 2010

All my worrying was for nothing. He was fine! Didn't have much fun, got a little sick for a few hours, but over all fine! Whew...
Being stuck at work knowing he was home was torture but I loved it. I kept catching myself with this huge grin throughout the day. At 5 I ran upstairs grabbed my bags, changed as quickly as I could only to run out the front door into a storm.

Now I don't know why but the people here seem to slow down to turtle speed, not slow enough to justify calling is snail speed, the second a rain drop appears. It's like they forget we spend more than half the year driving in snow and on black ice, a little rain is not a HUGE cause of concern.

So aside from the rain of course its 5pm prime time for traffic and with my luck I am getting stuck at every red light possible.Now I swear if there was a camera in my car this is the exact facial expression and hand gesture I would have been caught doing just about the whole drive. Just add a some long hair, minus the suit, dirty the car a little more et voila you would have moi.

It felt so great to see him I just couldn't let go. I also have to admit I secretly love the way he asked me if I missed him first, completely cleared my mind of thinking he didn't miss me, well that and everything else he said and did.

He was home for 2 days, we didn't do much just enjoyed each others company. Went out for dinner, I gave him his belated birthday presents, and baked him...errr under baked him... brownies as a birthday cake.

His leave starts tomorrow and I am excited. It's going to be so nice to have him home for a month. I took a week off to spend with him and now I'm trying to come up with a list of things to do so far I've got
  • Water park
  • Casino
  • Zoo
  • Beach
  • Drinking
  • Nice restaurant
  • Mini putt
Basically all the every day summer things most people take for granted.

Well I over ate on sushi and am officially exhausted so I'm off to roll myself into bed

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