Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 4-1-1

I was laying out tanning today sweating my ass off (where the hell is a breeze when you need one?) when I realized I haven't blogged about how I met Mr. Combat Boots , I think I'll be shortening that to Mr. CB from now on, or any background information about me SOOO here it is:
About a year ago I gave up my place I had on my own and moved over a province to come live with my mom and start university. I was a bartender back home and with the lifestyle I was living going to school there was not an option, let alone paying for it, my apartment, my car, and paying of my gigantic visa balance.
I got accepted as a mature student at the university in psychology and just completed my first probationary year pretty well I might add! A's and B's! Who knew I was smart?!?!

I miss my girlfriends back home like crazy but am starting to learn to cope with it. Since I am older than most of the people in my classes, they're all fresh out of high school and well I've got a good 5 years on them, I haven't made that many friends here. Well Except A shes awesome but shes gone for the summer so boo.
I am part of the management team in a shoe store, this is horrible! They give you 50% off!!!!
Hi my name is Elle and I have a shoe problem....
umm what else...

Mr. CB and I met online, he was new to the area as well - yes this is the excuse I use to explain away why I used a dating site and its okay.
- I don't really think there is anything wrong with using a dating site but I can admit I am embarrassed about it

I actually had no interest in him what so ever at the start, finally months after having him on msn I decided to have dinner with him at his place of all places-this was our first meeting and why I often question what goes on inside this head of mine
He cooked, it wasn't great, we drank wine, and well we misbehaved...
We started seeing each other for a little, he went back home for the holidays, turned into an ass and didn't call so I moved on.

Fast forward a few weeks and my girlfriend now wants to borrow a dvd series I freakin left at his place so I put on my big girl panties and decide I can handle calling and asking for them. Getting those back took weeks! Finally we nailed down a time he was home and I had time to run by and grab them.
Me being me I'm pissed cause I just finished a 10 hour shift, I look like shit and NOW he wants me to come get the freaking dvds. I told him to leave them in the mailbox but NOOO he when I call to ask for the house # he says he's on his way down. My mind is currently going FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!! wait FUCK!! He opens the door and instantly I'm screwed!

He looked good!
He invites me in, I declined took the dvds and drove home as fast as I could before I could change my mind.

From that we start talking again, and seeing each other again but I had a handle on the situation! I know now that Mr. CB has commitment issues, he is NOT boyfriend material, he is just a friend and a someone to have fun with, a lot of fun!

Well doesn't the idiot force me to meet his dad and grandma.
I hate meeting the family, I get attached. I love family, its really important to me so this to me was just weird. He lied and told me he wanted me to come over cause it was awkward with them and his dad was getting on his nerves, I figured "hey, what are friends for! I'll help distract them, I'll bring over cards and we'll all just hang out". WRONG! Oh oh oh so wrong!

His dad decided to play 52 questions with me, about me (not so bad), about Mr. CB and I (VERY awkward!), how we met, if we were a couple, and hinting that he knew we were both seeing other people as well. WEIRD! Awkward! Torture! Those are the words that come to mind when I think back to that night.
Anyways doesn't Mr.CB's dad point out to him that I'm such a great girl, and all these other things and convince him that he can handle a relationship. Oy
Now CB declares he thinks he can be a boyfriend and he wants to try, so I let him.

EPIC FAIL!!!! He didn't even last a week....
That conversation ended with me hanging up on him after calling him a coward, deleting him from msn, facebook, and bbm. I swore I'd never speak to him again and I decided I was over it.

I've now moved on and have starting dating again and he resurfaces. Grrrr
I bitched him out on msn, apparently forgetting to BLOCK him.
Anyways I think this story is long enough lol he appologized, I forgave him, and he has been a great boyfriend ever since. I do still worry and have threatened to chop his nuts off with a butter knife if he reverts to an ass again but I trust him.

*What I miss about him most today:
-The way he insists on teaching me choke holds even though my tiny frame is way to small to execute them properly on someone of his size.
Him = 5'10 & muscular, Me = 5'1 & tiny

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