Friday, November 5, 2010

It has arrived!

CB called me today WOOHOO. I had a feeling he would today, I just felt it when I woke up this morning. I was hoping he would call a little later than he did because I met up with his cousins wife and I would have loved for them to get to talk to each other a little.

Apparently he got my package a couple of days ago and was very happy with it. I ended up sending him a new PS3 game that he beat in 2 hours apparently, the board game operation which no one wants to play with him, a pillow case that I drew on but he originally thought I bought, and his toy helicopter that flies just not very well apparently.

I had also sent him a DVD of a few short recordings of me but apparently he can't get the video to work just the audio which sucks but oh well. I also made him a mix tape of completely sappy love songs that I knew he would hate. I did this for the sole purpose of making his roommate laugh, it worked. I also threw in my perfume which he said he sprayed on himself, he's such a dork.

What made me laugh was he had specifically asked for me to send him something personal and because I had hid it he ended up being really upset thinking I had forgotten it. He claims he was tearing through each item looking for it and was upset that he thought I hadn't sent it. It made me smile that, that one thing was the most important to him.

My mom is sending off his first Christmas package today. She is sending a mini tree, mini decorations for it, candy canes, and all that good stuff. My plan is to send him a second box in about a week. I want to send him a stocking all stuffed with goodies, Christmas lights, reindeer ears for him and the guys, and of course his gift.
Putting his packages together really brings me a sense of joy. I love that I can do this for him and wish I could do more.

*What I miss about him most today - when he chases me up the stairs to go get ready and how instead of getting ready we end up play fighting instead.

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