Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Story of Huge-O

I figure since I can't sleep without him he deserves his very own post!
Meet Huge-O! He was one of my birthday presents from CB to help me cope with deployment. So far he is doing an excellent job.

Before CB left I had told him, he needed to find me a replacement to sleep next if he wasn't going to be around to do the job. At first he just laughed at this and probably had no intention of doing it. Then one day he came over to my place to help me put up shelves in my room. I had left Hunter, which is another (smaller) bear that my ex had gotten me for hunting seasons, in my closet and forgotten he was in there. So naturally when we were moving things around in my room and we came across him CB asked who or where he was from. I quickly explained it was from an ex and he had been living in the bottom of my closet for a very long time. CB quickly sizes up the bear and throws him out of my room. I suppressed my laughter and we carried on with our day.

CB now has be running up and down the stairs for different tools, different screws, a level, and all kinds of other things. On one of my last trips to get him something, I'm pretty sure it was a brownie, I come bouncing up the stairs to my room and am instantly caught off guard.  CB took hunter, who had a red ribbon around his neck, and hung him from my doorknob. He see's me staring and just simply says "I don't know what happened, he just hung himself when I wasn't looking".... Can you say jealous much? I ended up throwing out the bear.

Fast forward to around my birthday. CB, his brother, his brothers friend, and I are all relaxing at his condo. CB keeps trying to get me to go get him things from his room. First he asks for his cellphone charger, which I tell him is in the kitchen. Then he asks for his ipod, which is in the dock. I can't remember what he finally asked for that I went upstairs to go get. Anyways there I am lost in my own thoughts, not paying attention as I turn the corner after the stairs. I'm finally a few feet from his room when I notice this HUGE brown thing sitting in the middle of his bed. I stopped dead in my tracks completely confused.
My thoughts were
Um what is that?
How did it get in here?
When did CB come upstairs?
Wasn't I the last one in the room? I'm pretty sure I was.
What the hell is sitting on the bed?
I start tiptoeing towards the room, a little scared and confused.
I should mention I'm pretty blind and never wear my glasses, due to that fact I could only make out what it was once I got into the room. Once I figured it out I was sooo happy! I literally jumped onto the bed to hug him.
It turns out CB snuck upstairs at some point to place him on the bed to surprise me. He also snuck up the stairs behind me to see my reaction.

I love my Huge-O. He is HUGE! He is definitely no CB but he makes my nights that much easier.

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