Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Hardest Phone Call Yet

I willed him to call and it worked! I went to bed telling his picture "you will call me tomorrow" and woke up this morning telling myself the same thing and it worked. He called! It was great.

He called at the perfect time as I had big news to tell him. I had just gotten a call from a bank for an interview later this week. I now have two interviews back to back on Thursday, one is an in person interview while the other is a preliminary phone interview with the bank. I want the job at the bank! It turns out over 500 people applied for the same position as I did. I had to warn him, the man at the bank, that although I didn't think that my first interview would go over an hour as it was only for a cashier position at Ikea, I may have to return his call just in case. He seemed fine with that and joked "who wants to work for Ikea when you can work for us!"

CB said he was really proud of me for actually getting my foot in the door with the bank and then told me I could be his sugar momma. I pissed myself laughing and responded "what a great sugar momma I am, I can't even afford to bring my own car to the garage!" I need a job ASAP!

I asked him if he figured out how to play my DVD I had sent him and it looks like he still can't. I don't get why he doesn't have a computer guy look at it during their down time. He also told me he has been spacing out my letters so he can have little "pieces" of me when he really misses me which I thought was the sweetest thing. Apparently his favorite parts of my letters are the p.s.'s, I decided to end them the same way I usually end my blog, what I miss about him most that day. He is such a suck so I love that he enjoys that part, I hoped he would. He hasn't yet open the letter I marked "save for a bad day" which comforts me.

The hardest part of the phone call was the end.... We were joking around and he was whispering things to me he did not want the others to hear and in between two cute things he whispered "it's horrible here"... My heart sank. I didn't think I had heard him right and kept replaying it in my head but I'm certain it's what he said. I was shocked. We got off the phone not too long after that and as I was coming down the stairs to go back to studying the weight of his words hit me. I collapsed on the stairs and broke down in tears. He is not one to express himself when it comes to work, at all, so now my mind is racing as to what has happened. This is his 3rd tour I guess I just assumed there would be nothing left to upset him... naive I know.

*What I miss about him most - when he wakes up before me but doesn't want to be the only one awake he'll pinch my nose to wake me up. I love how he gets such a kick out of my reaction and is that impatient to spend time with me that he feels the need to wake me up.

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