Monday, November 22, 2010

What a Weird Nights Sleep

I just woke up and I'm exhausted! Last night was not very restful.
I have this bad habit of having to fall asleep with the TV on when I'm sleeping alone and last night was no different. I had a hard time getting sleepy so I ended up watching Paranormal State. This show use to creep me out but now it's just lame, they try to hard.
Anyways at about 6am my dog wakes up and starts growling. I wake up, look around the room and I see nothing. The door is closed, there's no sounds in the house, nothing is going on that should have him growling. I shift down to the bottom of the bed to lay with him in an attempt to comfort him and get him to stop, it doesn't work. He is extremely upset and starts barking at whatever it is he thinks he sees.
I get out of bed to turn the lights on to show him there's nothing there. Just as I flick the light switch on and the light floods the room this awful feeling washes over me and thoughts of CB fill my mind.
I really hope he is okay and not having to deal with anything to unpleasant at the moment.
Anyways I never figured out what the dog was barking at... creepy. Maybe he had nightmares from the show.

I'm scared to go anywhere without my phone now because I keep telling myself it will ring any moment. I will feel like a piece of poop if  he calls and I miss it. I really need to get voicemail ASAP. With my luck he'll call while I'm at work and thanks to the no reception I wont have even seen that he's called.... That's why I've been leaving my cell in the car, so at least if I miss the call at least I'll be able to see that I've missed it.

That's what I find weird about BB's, they don't show you the calls you missed while you had no reception AND forget about looking at your missed call list if it's from an unknown number. WTF? They count as calls too, I'd like to track the dates and times of them too ya know?!

As of today CB and I have officially spent 53 days apart and have roughly 115 left. We are about 1/3 of our way through this deployment. I made sure to add on a couple of weeks when counting the days. I rather be pleasantly surprised its sooner than later. Although, I do realize from reading other blogs even adding on a couple of weeks may still leave me annoyed because it may still be even later than it's suppose to be.

Have you ever heard of the old folks wisdom that when you get the hiccups it means someone is thinking of you? Silly but it's fun to play around with. Well last night my mom and I were having dinner and right smack in the middle of it she got the hiccups. So we started playing "who's thinking of me?" We started with her boyfriend...*hiccup* then I joked that it was CB....NO HICCUP! We started laughing and some how ended up talking about our future together. We joked that the poor guy has no idea what he's coming home to, by the time he's home we'll be married and have 2.5 children with a white picket fence.

From that joke my mom and I got into joking about his arrival. I'm half convinced I'm going to stuff a sweater under my shirt to make myself look pregnant. I have no doubt this will have him stop dead in his tracks, turn around, and run right back to the bus. It would be priceless. The only issue is I'd never be able to keep a straight face.... I'm horrible at not giving things away. I can not keep a secret to save my life, I am not the person you want to tell about a surprise party, I will word vomit it out 2 hours later by accident.

Now everyone please cross your fingers and toes for me in hopes that I get a phone call from CB today! I figure willing him to call might work. You never know!

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