Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Not Black!!!!!!

You gotta love people!

So here I am at work, mindlessly scanning objects, giving directions on how to use an interact machine ( Yes! The chip part goes inside the machine! Yes, you need to know you're pin!), and handing over receipts. My day was going smoothly and then I see him. He is an older man, he has a paper in his hand with hand writing all over it, and a cart with one single box on it. I can smell trouble.
He is now the next customer in my line and I can see scribbled on the paper are directions in his wifes handwriting. She has told him what aisle to go to, what bin it should be in, what color she wants, as well as the price. I start thinking, perfect! This can't go wrong. WRONG!
I scan his item, we make small talk, and now he is about to punch in his pin. All of a sudden he realizes it's the wrong price.

Him: It's suppose to be 69.99! See! (shows me his instructions from wife)
Me: I see that sir, but you're wife asked for a billy bookcase, this box is marked lack
What? What are you talking about? It isn't black its white! See!!! (he shows me through a small hole in the box his article is indeed white.
Yes sir, this piece is white but it isn't the right product. This products name is lack!
Listen lady! This is white! Look I showed you it's white. It's NOT BLACK!!!!
Okay sir, the name of the product you want is BILLY this one is called L-A-C-K (literally had to spell it out to him!)
Well I don't understand! My wife said go to aisle 18, bin 4 and that's where it is! That's where I went so you tell me how did I end up with the wrong product? It has to be it!
I don't know sir, but I do know this is not what your wife wrote down she wanted. It's possible another customer put it back in the wrong spot. All I do know is this is lack and you want billy. I can get someone to help you if you'd like?
For the last time young lady! It is NOT BLACK! It's white!

He then stormed off in a huff to go bitch at the next person wearing yellow he saw and I almost pissed myself with laughter. 
Good times. 

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