Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Roller-coaster morning

This morning was amazing! I kept hitting snooze because I couldn't convince myself to get out of bed in the crappy weather. The alarm went off one last time and I told myself this was the last snooze I would allow myself, with the next annoying buzz I was getting out of bed and going in search of coffee.

Well imagine my surprise when instead of my alarm going off it's my cell phone actually ringing with my new favorite caller id "PRIVATE NAME, PRIVATE NUMBER"!!!! That's right ladies, he called this morning. It was the best way to wake up today. We both had a cup of coffee together on the phone and just joked around.

He was incredibly hyper due to 3 red bulls, the cup of coffee, and a few chocolate bars but it was adorable. He told me that he would be away for the most part from now on, which I'm fine with just as long as I know that's what to expect. I know this makes him happier as it means his skills are being put to use and he isn't sitting around picking his nose waiting to go anymore. The only part I'm not crazy about is him sleeping outside... I know he's use to it in a sense but I'm not use to the idea of it, it just throws me off a little.

So our conversation ended with me on a high and off to get ready for work! I was ready in a record 15 minutes it was great. I go out to go start my car, which by the way has had its check engine light on for a while but I've been to poor to take care of it so it hasn't been driven in 3 weeks, and the car wont start. My car is dead.... I run back inside to call work to tell them I'll be late. My next step is to call the mechanic! First time, no answer, second time I'm told to call back in 10 minutes, 3rd time I'm told they'll have to send a tow truck....I live a block away from them, which I tell them, and then plead for them to just send someone with booster cables so I can drive it there...their response is please call back in 10 minutes and speak to so and so.
So here I am waiting...

*Update - 50$ to move my car a block. I don't think so!!!
*Update #2 - 100$ to have a "come to you" mechanic come boost my car and check what code my check engine light is for.... Now to teach myself how to boost a car... wish me luck


  1. Don't you just love getting calls like that? It sure makes the day better!!

  2. It was the perfect way to start my day! I couldn't have been happier.

  3. Sounds like a lovely morning. :D I'm an expert at hitting that snooze button, sometimes you just want a little bit more sleep!