Friday, November 26, 2010

A Few Favorite Memories

I was writing CB a letter last night and I realized I haven't been keeping up with my plan on here to end every post with why I miss him on that day. So to make up for it, to myself, I have decided to write about some of my favorite moments the two of us have shared during our relationship so far.

They are in so specific order, just as they come to mind.

The first and only time he ever woke up before me without an alarm going off. He was so impatient in waiting for me to wake up and quickly tired of his subtle attempts, according to him, that he decided to pinch my nose and wake me up that way.  I jumped awake confused and and startled only to find him sitting there with this big smile on his face. Needless to say I couldn't be mad it was too cute.

I don't remember exactly how this memory started but I can guess it involved a day of us bumming around the condo watching Lost. I just remember us starting a game of  "I bet you can't do this..." where I started by weirding him out that I can fold my tongue in 3 and it some how turned into us doing push ups. I just remember how proud and excited he was that I could do 20 regular push ups.

There was one night, just a few days before my birthday or right after, where I almost let "I love you" slip for the first time. I remember catching myself and starting to laugh nervously. Well CB being CB kept at me with questions like what's so funny? why are you laughing? I thought I was all slick and played it off cool saying it was nothing and passing out before he could question me further. I wake up in the morning, roll over to cuddle him and BOOM! there he is ready to continue the interrogation into my laughter. I not being a good liar and unable to keep a straight face finally told him to stop being so dense and figure it out already. I just remember this big grin covering his face as he says he already did! He knew last night!
My favorite part to this is later on I brought this back up and he told me he was waiting for the perfect moment to say it first because he wanted to make sure I remembered it and knew he meant it. Awww

I think my all time favorite memory of him and I will always be Friday nights. Those Friday nights when he comes home to the condo are priceless to me. I love packing my bags before work for the weekend. Getting to call him on my dinner break to hear he's home. Rushing over there after we close the store. But my absolutely favorite part of this Friday night ritual is the walk from my car to his front door, ringing the doorbell, and seeing him come down the stairs to let me in.The anticipation, excitement, and joy I feel in those first few moments is such a high. It reminds me to never take him for granted. I love seeing the happiness on his face, the butterflies I get when I see him, and the emotions that rush over me as he takes me in his arms and holds on tight.

And I just made myself cry! Good job Elle! lol

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