Monday, November 15, 2010

Real Estate Stole My Boyfriend

Mr. Combat Boots should now be called Mr. Real Estate...or perhaps Ass.

Let me start from the top. CB has been dreaming of flipping houses and investing in real estate for some time now. I have been supportive of this and trying to make sure he makes him self fully educated on the subject. Well it's created a monster.

I was lucky and got a whole two phone conversations with him today, the first being wonderful and cute and the second being confusing and left me pouting and confused when we hung up.

We were talking about what options he is considering when he returns, the first one didn't go over so well. It consists of him renting out his property here and buying a second property off base and renting out half of that as well. I have no argument with why this would be logical for him, what I do have an issue with however is his plan on how our relationship would continue. His ingenious plan is to take turns visiting one another on weekends. Great, except I work retail which means WEEKENDS and I live with my mother which means NO SEX. So basically we'd see each other every second weekend at my moms place... YAY.....can you feel my excitement?

I get that living in the shack sucks.
I understand that he is always the one that travels back and forth.
I know he wants to make something of himself and be financially stable.

But what keeps going through my mind is that he decided to buy a place here, 2 hours away from work. He wanted to have a place to come home to on weekends because that little shit hole of a city drove him nuts.
He understood I was here and unable to travel there and that I would always work weekends for the next few years.

What's even worse is he then started pressuring me to know when I would be at a level of schooling where I would start making money. I felt as if he needed to know how soon I could start paying him rent or something. I don't live with him, I haven't asked to, nor do I think we are ready to. But NOW I feel like it may be something I need to be able to do to keep him in his condo here. If I can offer to pay rent perhaps it would make it more fees-able for him to stay.

My biggest issue with the whole thing is he now has me wondering about future separations when we aren't even half way through his deployment! It's not fair to make me question my whole future because of you while you aren't here to support me emotionally and talk out options. You can't just drop this on me and get off the phone right after. It's cruel and right now I want to kick you in the face but since you aren't here I have childishly turned your picture frame face down!
Take That!

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