Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's a Cult!

First day training at Ikea consists of BRAINWASHING.
Okay so I am over exaggerating a little. We spent 7 and 1/2 hours in a room being read slide after slide word for word followed by at least 25 videos. Then we had to fill out 20 pages of paper work. It was the longest training day I have ever been exposed to and I still have no clue what my job entails. What I do know is that they sold 260,000 hot dogs last year alone. Yuck.

They did not leave us alone for a minute. They even forced us to have lunch with them like they knew if they left us to our own devices we would escape. Apparently the next step is the "buddy system". I am telling you, I just finished studying this in one class, this is how cults operate.

  • Buddy system - Check
  • Repeated exposure to their message - Check
  • Reduce contact with friends and family - Check (no reception = no phone calls or texts of SOS)
  • Made to feel like you owe them - Check (they bought us lunch and chocolate)
I was so overloaded with information my mind is now numb, so numb that I cannot concentrate on writing my paper thats due in a few days, the one I haven't even started. FML

I took a picture of myself in the uniform to send to CB. I haven't told him which job I got yet, I know it will make him pee his pants with laughter. It's horrible!!! Yellow is not my color.

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