Thursday, November 11, 2010

Drinks? Please!!!

Have you ever had an interview at Ikea? DON'T!
Okay, I shouldn't say don't but be prepared for the most awkward interview of your life! There is no office or private place to hold the interview, it is right smack in the middle of the sales floor in which ever show room is empty at that moment. WTF?

There were people buying the dinning room table I was having my interview on.The lady had to ask me "sorry, could you move your arm? I'd like to write the style number of table down please." I was mid sentence in trying to explain how I had dealt with an irate customer in the past. I was already struggling with my nerves and having a hard time finding my "professional" words and that's all it took to royally screw me.

One woman even sat down to join us. She was just sitting there, looking around at the decorations, fussing with the table setting display. All of a sudden a light went off in her brain as she clued in to what we were doing and says "Oh sorry, I didn't realize! You should apply to Rona, they're always looking." and then walked off. The woman and I couldn't help but laugh at this and luckily from there I felt a bit more at ease and things went a little smoother.

Interview number two was the preliminary phone interview with the bank. Oh lord was he long winded. By the time he was done explaining his scenario of what a behavioral question is , 10 minutes later! (plus long distance charges), I almost forgot what he was going on about. What I wanted to say "Remember I told you I'm a psychology major? I understand!!!I've covered them in 4 different classes 4 different ways!". Instead I screwed up the first question. Totally was caught off guard by my mental rant and had never thought of an example prior, unfortunately the one I did think of was HORRIBLE!

Now it's time to wait and see if my criminal background check, checks out for Ikea. That's at least a week. It's about the same amount of time if not more to see if I've made it onto the second round of interviews with the bank.

My biggest issue is the hours they are both offering. The postings were misleading. The bank is only looking for either 14 hours for one branch or casual hours for the other. For those of you who don't know, casual is ZERO guarantee of hours. You could work 20 hours one week and then not work for 2 weeks.

HELLO! I have bills to pay. My credit card is maxed the hell out. My car is way too much money a month because I was young and stupid when I financed it 4 years ago. Best Buy is charging me a crazy amount of interest each month, I cannot just pay the minimum on that thing. And well lets not forget Rogers, they like being paid monthly and on time as well. Who the hell can survive on casual? It's cruel and unusual punishment to someone who is not retired and has bills.

Ikea on the other hand posted 20-25hours. Perfect, I need about 25 at what they pay. Well it turns our it was all a LIE. They're looking for 34 hours. Apparently they're is the occasional week where it may be 20 but its mostly 34 hour weeks. What that means to me is Monday = school, Tuesday = work, Wednesday = school, Thursday = work, Friday = work, Saturday = work, Sunday = work, rinse, lather, and repeat.

...I'll do it if I have to...

The combination of the stress from the interviews and all the emotions brought on from Remembrancer day I am now ready for a drink, or 6.

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