Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick View Into My Morning

  • Woke up multiple times this morning to make sure I haven't missed a call from CB
  • Noticed something wrong with my table of content for my paper due today and had to reprint the whole thing while crossing my fingers I wouldn't run out of ink!
  • Went to go take a shower, got shampoo in my eye and BOOM the phone rings. Almost killed myself jumping out of the shower (apparently there was left over conditioner that hadn't full gotten rinsed down still lining the bottom of the tub)  to get to the was a freaking telemarketer. I went from answering the phone all super excited to disappointed in like .3 seconds.
  • Get out of the shower and go into my room et VOILA! The dog puked on my bed... I, in-turn, just about puked trying to strip my bed.
Asides from that everything's going great! I'm enjoying slowly getting ready for class, having lots of coffee, you know all the good stuff about having a late starting day.

I will note that I think I am slightly obsessive. My lovely blackberry and laptop have not left my side since I woke up this morning. I have facebook open and am constantly refreshing to see if CB comes online. As far as the cell phone it's on full blast AND vibrate and lets not forget pretty much glued to my hand. The worst thing about the cell phone is the fact that despite knowing I have it on max volume and vibe I keep pressing buttons to make it light up JUST IN CASE I missed a call or a message. I'm gonna kill my battery before I even leave for school.

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