Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Douche Bag

So the other day at work I was really shocked by one of my coworkers. There is this guy, lets call him Joe, that works in a different department than I do but that I have to walk buy to and from my breaks on occasion. Well we have always made small chat, mostly him initiating it. He is aware that I have a boyfriend and yet continues to try and talk to me. At first I thought I was reading too much into it, that was until today.

We both ended up on break around the same time and so when I went to eat lunch I sat at the table he was at (theres only 2 tables and I didnt know anyone else at the other table). I put my phone on the table and started eating my hotdogs. Before I know it he's like "can I snoop around in your phone?" Me, knowing it was locked, said sure go right ahead. I don't really remember how it happened but before I knew what I was doing, I was unlocking my phone to let him scan my bar code. IDIOT!

Hold on it gets worse.

"Hey add me on facebook. I know you're taken. I have a girlfriend but I would like the chance to get to know you." This is what he sends me from across the staff lunch table so nobody hears him. WOW. Someone has balls...  I just smiled and joked that I didn't know how to add someone as a friend on facebook from my phone and I'd figure it out later.

He ends up walking down with me when my break is done, I couldn't help but roll my eyes. I got up first and said I had to go back and by the time I put my stuff away in my locker hes standing at the door holding it open, waiting for me.  We start walking back and he asks if my boyfriend would mind us getting to know each other. I told him that no CB doesn't really care if I add work friends to facebook, and if he wants to talk from time to time on facebook thats fine. I kept trying to mention subtly that I really had no interest in getting to know him one-on-one but I didn't want to be too direct because we all know what response I would've gotten, "oh no, you misunderstood! That's not what I meant!"

Anyways after asking someone at work I found out his girlfriend works at IKEA as well. She is gorgeous and a sweet girl. Also, apparently this is usual behavior for him. Who shits where they eat? What is wrong with people today? Not only is what you are doing wrong on so many levels, you're asking for trouble.  I really hope, for her, that I over read into this situation....but I doubt it.


  1. Ugh, people like that are so annoying! Sorry you have to deal with him

  2. Some guys can be soooo odd! Why would he even try you like that?

  3. What a jerk! I probably would have been a bit more up front with him and told him to back off or something because a lot of times, guys can't take hints.

    Isn't it crazy that they think we're single just because our man is deployed?

  4. Clearly some guys think they are gods gift to women, he is not.

    I probably should have been more upfront but I really didn't want to hear the "oh no, you misunderstood, I just want to get to know you as a friend" spiel.

    I swear I think I'm going to buy a shirt that says "My boyfriend being deployed does not make me temporarily single" Thanks for th idea Megan!

  5. He's an IDIOT!