Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Project & a CB Update

Well I posted a while ago I was going to attempt to crochet Gir from the Invader Zim cartoon for CB.....
this is what its suppose to look like
I, not knowing how to crochet at all decided to teach myself.... 3 tries later this is what I've got so far...

He ended up a lot bigger than I planned, I apparently I was adding all kinds of stitches without noticing, but I'm still pretty happy with him so far!

And as far as my CB update, I was ALL smiles yesterday afternoon. I went up to my locker on my break and noticed I got a message from him saying that I am amazing at picking dates. Apparently I nailed his homecoming dates when I booked off time at work. Woohoo!!! Now to start picking our mini vacation destination.

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