Friday, February 25, 2011

Can't Kick It

I have been bed ridden for days and have started to develop cabin fever. I would welcome the cabin fever with open arms if there were signs I was getting better, but that is not the case. I feel like I am getting worse, considerably so that I am even contemplating going to the doctors this afternoon. That's huge for me seeing as how I hate doctors!!

All I want is CB, his sofa, a ton of movies, and a huge pot of chicken noodle soup. Oh and something to make the room stop spinning. What a way to spend my "spring break" lol.

I had a tough convo with Cece today. CB hasn't told her she isn't coming to the airport yet...She started asking me all kinds of questions about picking him up and what not... I didn't know what to say. It's not my place. I just went along with it... Is that wrong? Should I just tell him to let her be there? I rather have the one on one time but I think it's cruel to all of a sudden say "sorry, we've been planning this for 6 months but you are now un-invited."
The hardest part is if/when he tells her she can't be there...I stupidly made plans to go over the night before to help her clean up his place. I saw it as my only opportunity to get his winter jacket. UGH
Nothing is ever simple. I think I might just push him to let her be there. I think that scenario will cause less headaches in the long run. It may not be what he wants, because of the awkwardness, and it isn't what I want either, I'm being selfish, but then there wont be any moodiness from her about it afterwards.
What would you ladies do?


  1. I think I would go with what your boyfriend wants. He's the one that has been gone, so I think I would try to make his homecoming exactly as he wants it. Cece may be upset, but ultimately it is HIS homecoming and if he wants to experience it with only you, then that's what I would make happen :)

  2. You are totally right! I want it to be exactly the way he wants it, he deserves that. I just worry a lot, obviously. I don't want her to think I am the one that is excluding her...but I guess that is for them to sort out.