Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The e-mail that made my day

Work was going well and lunch time rolled around. I happily ran upstairs to my locker to grab my cigarettes and bolt outside to get my nicotine fix. As I was fishing for my lighter I see the little red light on my blackberry blinking. I had missed a call, from CB! Ugh I was so down, this was 2 days in a row he had called while I was at work. I was so frustrated cause I had sent him a few e-mails telling him which days I was free to talk. I was scared since he had called 2 days in a row he wouldn't have a chance for the rest of the week. So I headed outside pouting. 

As I'm smoking my cigarette, I started pulling up the facebook notification, thinking to my self "great another junk invite or mass message". Well, SURPRISE, it wasn't. It was CB, and this is what he wrote:

"Thanks honey bunyy for the words of encouragement, this last month was a long one for sure. sorry I did call you again I was hoping to hear your sweet liittle voice again but ill wait until tomorrow. i hope exam went well the other day. Feb is a short month hurray"

Totally made my day!! I can't help but love that he tried calling knowing he probably wouldn't be able to reach me but had to try just in case. I love that man. I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!! That phone is going to be glued to my hand.

Now for my next wish, cancel classes tomorrow on account of the snowstorm! I could use the whole day to study for the midterm on thursday! Not to mention the 33 other things I need to get done.

And on a quick side note I'd like to say hi and thank you to all my new followers! 


  1. Ooo yay I love pick-me-up emails!
    I am crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow. The t is already canceling runs and making delays, so I am thinking we will at least get a 2 hour delay.

    Good luck on your midterm!! I'll be joining you in the studying this weekend for 3 upcoming midterms in the next two weeks eek!

  2. I swear how is it time for midterms already? Didn't we just go back???
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your snow day if you cross your fingers for mine! lol
    Good luck with the studying!

  3. Thanks!! I definitely am keeping them crossed for the both of us :)

  4. I remember how frustrating it was when hubby called from over there. He'd call in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. Basically it turned out I didn't care, cause once he called, and then I didn't hear from him for over three weeks!