Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sick As A Dog

I woke up this morning to find myself with no voice. Try calling out sick to work when you can barely make a squeak, needless to say my boss had a good laugh when he figured out it wasn't a prank call.

As far as yesterdays post, I ended up sending him an e-mail to try and figure out what to say to help. I told him that I often forget how hard this must all be for him and I'm sorry if I'm not always receptive to when he is getting down. I told him I understood that he can not tell me a lot of what is going on and that he also chooses not to tell me a lot of it as well and that I hoped when he was home, in due time, he would let me in a little more. I reminded him of how shortly he would be home and what was waiting for him. I also joked, to lighten the mood...he can't take too  much mushy stuff at once..., that he better not be too hungover when he gets off that plane because he is going to need his balance when I jump up to hug and kiss him.

I was pleasantly surprised by his answer this morning. Apparently my message had some of its desired effect.

Now to drag my butt to the pharmacy for tons and tons of halls and other soar throat things....
I just want to be able to smoke a cigarette....how wrong is that? lol


  1. I hope you feel better soon... and I'm glad things are better with your bf!

  2. Feel better soon! Also, I am glad that things are looking up for him! He'll be home sooner than it seems :) Hope the time until then flies by for you!