Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guess What?

This is going to be quick as I am suppose to be getting ready to go to work, blah.
I just wanted to point out the obvious! Today is the first day of February!!!! Woohoo.
Once this month is over it will only be a matter of a handful of days until CB is home!!!!
For all of you with your lovers deployed, I hope this month passes quickly as it brings us one step closer to being with the ones we love.
Yay for February being a mini month!!!

And now to go put on my ugly yellow ikea sweater.....Keep your fingers crossed for me that the snowstorm keeps everyone away!


  1. You work at Ikea!! I want to work there! Haha. I love the $1 breakfast! :)

    Yay for January being over!

  2. @ Ashley N -thanks it worked! It was a nice slow day!

    @Ashley - I've never eaten anything from ikea except the hot dogs, cinnamon buns, and the meatballs lol. I'll have to try that 1$ breakfast soon it looks yummy.

  3. You work at Ikea! I absolutely love the store! Cant wait to go there when we move outta shitville and redecorate our house with their funky lights/curtains/dishes and colorful blankets and shower curtains etc!