Friday, February 11, 2011


Just not mine. I met one of my best school friends yesterday for coffee before class and she gave me the best news! Her boyfriend proposed to her earlier this week!

He did such a good job of throwing her off, she had no idea it was coming. Apparently, according to her, the whole "engagement" thing is not part of his culture so they decided he would just get her a bigger/better wedding ring instead. Well he LIED! He bought her the sweetest engagement ring ever and surprised her on his birthday.

I am so happy for her. It's funny though, you can tell she isn't use to the attention. She said she feels like shes in high school all over again. I laughed at this and told her she would probably get use to it in time. And her being her. she replies "well, chances are you'll know soon enough anyways and you can be the one feeling awkward! What isn't he home in just a hand full of weeks anyways?"

I told her that wasn't likely, although not to long ago I thought it was....


I got my first midterm back and I rocked it!! I seriously wanted to do my happy dance in the hallway but I restrained myself for when I got home! I get my other one back today too, I hope I did just as well but who knows.

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