Monday, February 21, 2011

I am Turning Into A Worry Wart....

I am thrilled with how soon CB is coming home. I am also happy that he only wants me to pick him up BUT, yes there always seems to be a but, a few bumps are developing with this plan.

Problem # 1 - The House Key
He can't find his keys, he thinks he left them in his room at base. I do not have keys, which he poked fun of me for when he reminded me of this.  His keys are 2 hours away from where I'll be picking him up.

Usually this wouldn't be a problem considering his best friend is his roommate right? Wrong! Have you met his best friend?

Problem # 2 - Cece and the uninviting
She has been counting on coming with me to come pick him up since day 1. That has been the plan since day 1. CB fully wanted her to be there at the start. While I'm unsure of what is going on in their relationship at the moment, I do know he doesn't want her there. This all changed within a matter of 2 weeks. One week he's telling me to tell her the potential homecoming dates and the next "I don't want her there, it'll be awkward". Hmmm. Well I am leaving it up to him to ask her to have a key made and to tell her she isn't coming. Her and I have enough issues between us. I do NOT need her thinking I decided that she shouldn't be there. She needs to hear that from him.

Problem # 3- The Aftershocks of Cece
Now I could be totally wrong, but I don't think I am. She was horrible before he left when him and I were spending all our time together and not really including her but not excluding her either, we were just doing our normal routine. She ended up getting into a funk and being passive aggressive and actually flat out rude and anti-social at the worst part of her "funk". I'm worried about how she will be this time, knowing he doesn't want her there to pick him up and all the fun stuff.

In reality, these are things I shouldn't have to worry about. I wish I could just focus on me and him, but I can't...from time to time she slips into my head and I'm stuck thinking "what if". He usually just ignores her mood swings but I can't. I feel bad for her and I don't want her to feel upset, I feel like it's my fault...but on the other hand... I am not willing to give up my relationship for her feelings. Meh

I would so not do well in a polygamist relationship.
I don't want to share him, she doesn't want to share him, he's too relaxed to notice any of this.
Oh well.

Well it's reading week at school... I guess I should go do some school reading huh?

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  1. Try not to worry about everything else... just focus on the fact that you will be seeing your loooovah very soon!

    btw, who is Cece? Did I miss this somewhere?