Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Mini Update - I'm getting Impatient!

My life has been pretty uneventful lately.... hence the lack of posts

I got a hair cut today....she took off 4 inches :( I feel like I have no hair left, even though it's still way pass my shoulders....It's usually to the middle of my back.

Asides from that I'm getting hella excited about my countdown, 14% to go according to my donut of misery! YA BABY!

I met CB's cousins wife yesterday for coffee. We pissed ourselves laughing in Tim Hortons! I actually made her cry with laughter. I told her about my idea of scaring the hell out of CB by stuffing a pillow under my shirt when I pick him up from the airport. By the time we were done joking around the plan involved me in a wheelchair, stomach stuffed, and a balloon attached to my wrist that said "Congratulations! It's a boy!" I do not doubt for a second he would stop in his tracks and run back towards the plane!

It was great to talk to someone else who is just as excited as I am to have him home. His brother and Cece really haven't said a thing to me lately. I find it kinda weird....but meh. At least her and my mom are super happy. I seriously am getting impatient with these last few weeks. Every morning I wake up and I cross off the date on my calendar with my big red sharpie and go down stairs proclaiming "My boyfriends coming home!!!"  The neighbors must think I'm crazy lol.

And now I'm off to school.


  1. The fake pregnant idea is pretty funny :) You must get more and more excited for each day you cross off the calendar!