Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zombie mode

I have not slept properly in about a week now. I don't know what's up. I'm exhausted all day and wide awake at night. It's driving my crazy. I'm suppose to be at work right now but because of my lack of sleep I had to come home. I was dizzy, disorientated, and feeling slightly feverish...not a good combo, especially when you're bending and lifting every 20 seconds.

So now I'm at home, pissed that I'm not at work, and not feeling up to studying or working out just yet. Boo.

I have this midterm on Wednesday that I'm iffy about writing. I've only been to 2 of the 4 classes, I haven't finished my readings, let alone had time to study what I have read. I'm really only left with today and Monday to attempt to get it all done, and it's a lot. It isn't one of my core courses so I'm really thinking of just dropping the class....ugh I wish I knew I'd be ready. My biggest issue with this is: IF I do decide to study for it, and try to catch up I still risk not doing well since I missed the lectures. Then I'll be pissed because I could have moved ahead in another class and tackled something that's more important. Blah... I'll probably flip a coin lol.
What would you do? for those of you in school.

I have come up with an exciting idea the other day! I started figure skating when I was really young and kept at it for 14 years. I've always loved it and seriously regretted giving it up. Well the other day I was thinking of how I could make a little extra money and TA-DA it hit me! I'm looking in to getting certified to teach little kids to learn how to skate!!! I did it as a volunteer while I was part of my old skating club, we helped out the coaches, and it was such a great experience. I loved it to death. So hopefully I can figure out all the details this week and get my butt moving on it!

Oh and I'm sore as hell from the workout yesterday and I'm loving it! I had so much energy after I was shocked. I almost wanted to do a second workout but realized that was crazy.


  1. For the school situation, I would skim the readings to get the major concepts, but not read so deeply that I wouldn't have time to do other things. My classes give a TON of reading and to thoroughly read all of them would be crazy.

  2. I say just flip the coin, then if anything bad happens, you can blame the coin!