Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh What A Night....And It's Not Over Yet

I HATE people that sell things door to door! If this is your chosen profession, I'm sorry but I would slam the door in your face any day of the week.

Two guys just came to my door, ring the bell and then back up into the shadows so I have to open to door to so who or what it is. I open the door to have them both step up onto the front step, I notice one is on a cell phone so I look to their hands to see if they are lost delivery people, nope no food. I close the main door so it's only open a few inches and stare at them blankly. Finally the genius on the phone says "are your parents home?"
Me - What do you want?
Him - oooh, you live here?
Me - No, I just come over here in my pajamas to answer the door at dinner time. Can I help you?
Him - Oh, umm... we are with energy saver....
Me - *shutting the door*
Him- No! Wait! Wait!!! ....FUCK!

If you are coming to my house or calling me, whatever it is you are selling is CLEARLY not a something I  need or probably want.   Thanks for trying, please don't let the door catch your fingers as I shut it.

Can you tell I'm grumpy? lol
I came home to a TRASHED house. The dog went crazy. Ever since my mom left a few days ago he is acting up when I leave for work. Tonight I came home to find he had made his way into the trash can, stole bubble gum from CB's care package, and Houdini-ed his way into my room where he decided to eat a stick of deodorant and chew on some cotton balls. WTF?? The worst was when I came back downstairs and almost sat on the cat poop he took out of the litter-box...

I know my dog isn't that well trained but this is like a whole new level. He never acts this bad when I'm out of town and my mom's working. I don't get it. I need the dog whisperer ASAP

And now to try and study with a headache! Wish me luck :)

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  1. Sounds like my family dog! If you leave her alone and leave the door ajar where the garbage in it, she's in it like a dirty shirt. My parents need the dog whisperer too! It's frustrating!

    Not only are door-to-door salespeople annoying but it sounds like the ones you experienced tonight we're creepy too! Not fun.