Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let Me Off!

Yesterday I mentioned that I would devote a post to the wonderful news I received last night, so here it is!

I was sitting at the dinner table stuffing my face with pizza and salad when the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number and almost didn't answer but something urged me to. Well I'm happy I did because it was the lovely Mrs. I-take-care-of-the-wives-and-girlfriends calling with the news I have been waiting for since October. 

I got my first set of possible homecoming dates!!! It's earlier than I expected and so far not in conflict with any exams, which is amazing, She also gave me some news about where we will be able to pick them up and how soon after they arrive they plan on having them released to us. All in all good news. I do realize this is all subject to change at any time, but I'm kinda hoping it sticks within the time line she gave me because it works perfectly for my life. I know that sounds incredibly selfish but it's the truth. 

I still don't understand why I'm not more excited... 
I'm kind of scared to be honest, well actually I'm feeling a lot of emotions about the whole thing. 
To me, the timing of the news and the news itself is like taking me off the roller-coaster of deployment and throwing me straight onto the teacups before I've even realized what's hit me. (And my news I am referring to both what CB told me and the phone call). I just thought I had figured shit out and the rules are about to change on me, AGAIN! I can not wait to get off this ride and go back to something simpler, like the carousel. 


  1. Hang in there, its almost over!


  2. I totally understand the nervous feeling for when he gets home. The whole last month before Mr.Hubs got home last time - I was a wreck and afraid for how things would be... once you see him all those worries will probably fall away. :) Then you'll get to deal with all these new issues in person, which is always better than over the phone. I'm pulling for ya! Take care!