Sunday, January 9, 2011

All My Worrying Was Well Waisted

As of today CB reassured me that neither plan A,B, or C are required. We are going with plan D. What is plan D? Apparently it involves CB not coming home on any of the dates I have exams scheduled. So far I must admit I like this plan, BUT I am not throwing out plan A,B, or C just yet. I think I will keep them on the back burner, just in case. Better safe then sorry.

He called today and it was the most wonderful phone conversation. I got to tell him about my horrible experience last night at a country bar, the one where I got all dressed up and excited to go out dancing only to be surrounded by cowboy hats and line dancing..... I may need to dedicate a post entirely to this evening filled of WTF events and  FML moments.

We talked a bit about homecoming and our expectations. He, clearly in "man mood", got extremely excited when I told him I would start cooking for him. I use to let him do it because a) it's his house, b) he never asked and I didn't want to over step, and c) when the food didn't taste good, I got to blame him hehe.

He didn't really understand what I meant by overstepping. I explained to him that because of the way we started out I was scared he would revert back to his old self if it was too much too soon and scare him off. Besides he never asked so I had no idea it's what he wanted. Obviously all men want to be cooked for, and I did on occasion but I also felt it was his territory and I didn't want to just walk right in and take over his kitchen.

His response was cute but hand my mind going into girly-overdrive. Asides from his answers about the cooking and what not he tells me I could never scare him off and if anything he is going to scare me off.
Scare me off how, I ask.
*long silent pause* umm...I..uh... Cause I'm crazy?
But you were crazy before you left, I still love you
Yea well, you'll see....
I make a few jokes about the only way he'll scare me off is if he gets off the bus pregnant, we laugh and he changes the subject to his friend wedding.

I think I have heard/read/seen too many movies,stories, and blogs about proposals after deployment because my mind cant help but keep going there over "hints" that are non existent! I'm turning normal conversational pauses into "hints"! Oy...

Back to what he did say! He did actually tell me that he was impressed with how well I was handling everything, he was pleasantly surprised. I must admit, this pleasantly surprised me! I didn't think I was handling it all that well, at all!!! Hmm, see you do learn something new everyday!

And on that note, it's back to the textbooks.

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