Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Creeping Up On Me

So remember how I was complaining about not being more excited about knowing when CB will be home?
That's changing day by day! I am getting way more excited and impatient!YAY!!

We talked a bit today about who he wants there to pick him up and what our plans are for our first day back together. No surprise there, he wants Thai food!

My plan is to stock the fridge with food, the liquor cabinet with a few bottles of wine and maybe some vodka, and a bunch of other things that mean we don't have to leave the house unless we want to.

He was in a better mood today, perhaps because of the overload on redbull, but it was nice to see he wasn't as stressed out as yesterday.

I stupidly told him this stalker story that happened to me the other day on the bus without thinking and he went into full fledge worry mood. He started freaking out about me taking the bus so late at night and him not being here to take care of me. I don't know what I was thinking, obviously I wasn't, when I told him this story. Thankfully he was hopped-up on redbull and changing the subject was really easy.

I have a stupid test today.... freaking philosophy...

6 weeks!!!!!....yea, so much for me not counting down huh? lol


  1. Counting down is like breathing at this point in time. I literally made myself a calendar where u pull of the days as they go by for my cubicle at work. I did it to count down to Italy (here they get 3.5 wks off in the middle of the tour to go anywhere they want in the world and their spouse can meet them) and then one for when he came home permanently. It drove my coworkers batty! It's all I could talk about.

    So go own count away!


  2. I wish I would have thought of that idea, the pull off calender. I'm using a dry erase board and a regular calender with a big red sharpie to cross of the days with.