Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shop Till You Drop

I went a little crazy today.... I haven't shopped like this in years! My hands were literally hurting from how heavy my bags were. All of this made me realize something, I love shopping and clearly need to go more often. I'm probably costing myself more money this way too, because now I have tons of things I need to replace instead of just replacing them as needed.
Basically what I learned today is buying in bulk is bad! I did not look at one single price tag, did not try anything on, and could not have told you how much I spent after leaving each store.
On the other hand, I also learned, shopping makes me really happy!!!!!  I completely understand how people develop into shopaholics. I get it! It completely erases my mind, it's just me, the clothes, the friends your with, the sometimes snotty sales girl who was clearly pmsing and had no taste, and that's it. There is no "my boyfriend is overseas thoughts" when you are surrounded by pretty sweaters and hot jeans... Well that is until you walk into the lingerie store. I picked up his first home coming outfit! I couldn't resist, it was green camo and pink bows!

Onto some other news.... School starts TOMORROW!!! When the hell did this happen? It seems way to soon. I'm not ready to go back. I need another week, or two.
Don't get me wrong I love school, I hate change.
So this means there are 3 new buildings I have to find, 3 new professors I have to get use to, a whole new routine to put into place.
My biggest fear with the start of a new semester is ending up in the wrong class on your first day! This is a very legitimate fear of mine since it's happened a few times. The worst was when I was to flustered with almost being late to class, as I ran in, I failed to notice the name of the class on the board. I made such a scene getting in the class I was to embarrassed to walk out when I realized I was in the wrong one.

The upside of the winter semester starting tomorrow is that by the time I am studying for finals CB will be HOME!!!! Oh yea!!!

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