Thursday, January 20, 2011

On The Brighter Side

I figured since all I did was bitch in my last post, today I would focus on the silver lining of a few things.
The good news:

  • 2 months left in deployment.
There actually may be less than 2 months left, according to CB. He wont give me dates, obviously, but he has hinted my countdown is way off, in a good way. Woohoo!!! I am still trying to keep my countdown in mind because we all know the dates are subject to change at any time, but it's getting harder and harder to focus on my original date I guessed he'd be home.

  • Cece might have a new love interest
She may not be home on weekends by the time CB is home!!! He doesn't live here so she'd have to travel to see him. He's a soldier as well, which we both laughed about because she has told me countless times she can't do what I do, in regards to deployment.

  • My first day off from school or work in a long time is right around the corner! SUNDAY!!
I use to hate Sunday's because it meant CB was going back to base but this week it means I get to stay in my pjs all damn day if I want to. I do still hate the weekends. I thought 4 months into deployment I'd be over it but a part of me still knows this is when he should be here with me. I think that's why I'm so grumpy at work on the weekends, all the couples make me jealous. I just want to grab the girls and shake them and say "Do you know how lucky you are that you get to waste your Saturday at IKEA with your boyfriend???" But chances are I'd get fired pretty quickly....So instead I just live vicariously through them for the few minutes they are at my cash.

  • I got my grades back for last semester, finally, and I am pretty happy with them!! I did better than I thought in my forensic class so thats a plus!!!
Speaking of school, sitting in a class for 420 people is annoying. I know I said I was going to stay positive but  come one, it is me after all. In this particular class laptops and all electronic devices are banned unless you can  prove you require one. Well this girl sitting in front of me last night somehow got a note to say she needed hers to take notes, fine! Except for the girl spent the ENTIRE class on facebook and every other site she could think to google. Do you have any idea how distracting that is?? All I can see in a dark classroom is her computer screen glowing in my face as she's chatting away. Needless to say, I understand why the Prof banned them and I will be making sure not to sit behind her again.

  • I love my dog. If I didn't have him to give all my love and affection to during this I would go insane. 

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