Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today Was a Great Day! *Edited*

Nothing special happened. I got no phone call, e-mail, or facebook chat with CB but non the less I smiled all day while thinking of him. I thought of a few things we could do together when he is home for his summer vacation as appose to his leave after deployment since, well there's really only one main thing we have planned for then....

One of my ideas was to get him to sign up at a kick boxing gym with me. He signed up for one last year on his summer leave but wasn't motivated to go and I've been dying to join one but haven't been able to afford it. I figure since this summer I'll be done paying off my car I'll have a little more spending money so we could motivate each other and go. I realize he wont be in no beginner class like I will be but it could be a great easy warm up for him, right? lol

I wish I could start going before he gets back and surprise him with how in shape I am but I can't afford it time or money wise. I'm thinking of just getting the wii fit in the mean time and seeing how I do on that.

Tomorrow marks day 95 of this deployment, I can't believe how many days it's been already.
I miss everything about him!

*Edit - I've been having a single glass of CB and I's favorite wine at night for the last 3 nights, I think this may have something to do with my cheery mood over the last few days.
- No this is not the wine speaking, I just poured the glass

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