Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Few Confessions

I was sitting up in bed last night, wide awake, when it hit me!
I am a night binge eater...
This is what my horrible eating habits look like:
I have to start the day with Coffee & a cigarette
If I don't have work  I make breakfast at noon
If i do have work  I only eat around 2, on my first break
Come home from school or work and stuff my face with dinner
Go upstairs and study
Come back downstairs at about 11 and make a snack to take back up to my room and eat in bed.....
I'll either make myself a gigantic bowl of fresh popcorn really guilty gross pleasure...a crunched up pack of Mr.noodles, raw.... I know, it's gross but I love it.

Last night I made popcorn, ate it all!, and then came downstairs 30 minutes later to make myself a Bistro...
I love eating in bed, CB has no idea lol

A few other random confessions/facts:

I love to steal boy sweaters, they're so much more comfortable

If I could spend everyday all day in sweat or yoga pants I would, when I have to put jeans on to venture out into the "real world" I rip them off as soon as I get home!!!

I think I am starting to suffer from anxiety attacks, but nothing completely debilitating so far I've managed myself through them

I'm pretty sure I took to psychology to help me "deal" with myself and understand things in my life

My mom and I have a friendship like no other and it's my relationship with her that has convinced me I must have kids at some point in my life

It is my relationship with my brothers and the whole family dynamic that has convinced me adoption is not for me, not that there is anything wrong with it. I think my dad adopting my two brothers is a wonderful thing but I  unfortunately grew up seeing a bad scenario of it and it scares the crap out of me.

This deployment/experience has reminded me of how strong we all are. We are all facing our own unique struggles by being a part of this military lifestyle. Time and time again we have meet, overcome, or are in the process of beating the obstacles put in our path for choosing to be with the men we love. I couldn't be in this positive of a place right now if it weren't for all of your kind, supporting, and thoughtful words. So, thank you!! Especially to Amber, who has left me with the most meaningful quote "If God brings you to it, he'll get you through it". I am not very religious but it still has great significance to me.

On that note! Go checkout !
Kelsey was very thoughtful in starting this community. It always helps to meet others who are going through the same things we are, I know it has helped me A LOT!

Oh and don't forget there is also


  1. Hi Elle! I'm excited to find your blog! I'm a girlfriend of a soldier in the Canadian Military too! I love your confessions and I'm now following your blog! :)

  2. The most important thing when dealing with your loved ones overseas is getting through it on our end. You said it right, a support system is so very important.

    When my hubby was injured overseas, after I got the call, I called one of my besties, and I tell ya there couldn't have been a better woman for the job. She made all the family phone calls, kept the Tim Horton's coffee (best coffee ever made) coming to the house, and got all my other besties on their way to my house. Just to sit and watch me cry! But without them I would have been signed into the nut house.


  3. @ Ashley - Thanks for following, your recipes look so yummy! I'll have to try out a few ASAP

    @ CBG - I'm sorry you had to experience that but am glad you had a great support system to go through it with. Oh and Tim Horton's is amazing!