Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Don't Want To Go!!!! & Update

I don't know why I am fighting going to school so much this semester, but I am!

I was talking to my mom last night and the sentence "I want to take this semester off" word vomited out of my mouth before I knew what happened. I don't know why I would feel that way. I love school and do well, so why am I so anti winter semester?

I know that going will help pass the time of this deployment. It will keep me busy, it will give me goals to accomplish, introduce me to new people, and of course teach me new things. Why would I not want to do this? I can only guess at the reasons why.

My theories are :

A) It's winter. Winter sucks, theres hardly ever blue skies which keep me down, it's always cold, and just generally makes me want to hibernate. Stupid Canadian winters....But that doesn't make sense because I didn't mind going last winter at 6am, standing at the buss stop, freezing my ass off. I barely missed a class last year.

B) This semester will potentially overlap with CB and I's planned vacation. We were planning on going once my semester wrapped up but it looks like by the time I'll be done my exams there will only be a small window in which we'll have time to go, so in other words it doesn't look like it's going to happen. But so what??? We know we'll just go int he summer instead.

C) I don't know!

The truth is, C, I don't know. I probably wont figure it out any time soon since it's probably a combination of things. I am hoping that once I get there it will all change. Let's hope I'm just being overly dramatic, which is very possible.

I want CB to call today, I could use his rational mind right about now.


No sooner then I post this do I go check my school e-mail to find.........

The prof is too sick to make it today.
Hmm.... now what to do with my free day???

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