Monday, January 10, 2011

Who Cries In Public?

I do! At work!

They day started off great, I got in and we were having technical difficulties so no one could work till 2pm. We sat around talking, having coffee, and just bonding while we waited for them to fix whatever was wrong. After a couple of hours of this they moved us all into the restaurant where they gave us all free lunch and we ate in the dark.Overall a great way to start the day. I ended up getting to know 2 coworkers a little better and bonding with one who has been through deployment as well.

As her and I are sitting in the dark and shes showing me pictures of her man when he was overseas, CB messages me on facebook. Have I mentioned yet how much I love my blackberry??? CB and I got to send a few messages back and forth. It hurt my heart though, I could tell he was having a rough day. He never messages me first unless he is replying to what I sent the night before, he was straight out mushy without me prompting it, and he was asking to call.  Stupid IKEA and your tin roofs, I barely could keep reception and there was nowhere private enough to talk so I had to tell him it wasn't the best time to call... That left me a little upset, who ever wants to turn down a phone call? But I figured that would be easier on both of us than repeated dropped calls and not being able to talk.

Anyways fast forward into my shift, it's now 6pm and I am counting down the minutes till I am free. Don't 2 soldiers get into the line beside mine. It's a slow night so there is no where else to focus my attention on and I can't stop noticing them. I turn to my left and tell one of my coworkers to quickly tell me a joke and make me laugh because I can feel tears building. (He is aware of my situation and ex military) He comes through and I start giggling. I then had to turn around to talk to my customer but instead one of the soldiers is standing directly in front of me. He smiles at me, says something and moves my ladies basket out of their way.

Well that was all it took! I quickly wrapped up with my customer and bolted to the bathroom where I broke down. I was in there for a couple of minutes and realized staying in there alone was only making it worse. I pulled myself together, wiped the mascara off my face, and went back to my register. The same guy who I had asked to tell me a joke stopped me on my way back. He is such a sweetheart, he asked if I was okay enough to be hugged and I said yes. He told me to go take a few more minutes if I needed them and I told him I was fine. He knew I was lying and tried to insist I go back, I refused. Once I got to my cash, I realized why he was insisting I go back to the washroom, the soldiers hadn't left yet. I just turned my back to their direction and sniffled as I called out "I can help the next person over here!". The lady that came to my line looked at me like I was crazy as I sniffled and scanner her items...Not that I blame her.

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