Friday, January 28, 2011

The Most Unromantic V-day Care Package Ever

What is he getting for valentines day? A whole lot of junk lol.
A couple of cds, a ton of candy, a bubble gum piggy-bank machine, a Tim Horton's gift card, a cute card, a couple of letters, and some pictures of the things he has missed.
I can't think of anything else. I wanted to do the personalized M&M's but it comes out to like 100$, thank you but no!
I was thinking of doing sexy couple coupons but...HELLO he's coming back from overseas, I don't think we'll need coupons.
So he is getting the most unromantic box ever and I'm sure he wont mind in the least since he is such a "manly man" while he is over there. lol

I want my big suckypoo teddy bear back! Now!

Oh and my exam....not so good... one question made me want to cry, I honestly debated on just drawing a picture in the space provided to give my answer.


  1. Sorry your exam didn't go over so well.

    Not saying you should do this, cause well not too many woman would but.....

    When my hubby was overseas, I thought I would be cruel, so I bought a porn mag, and cut out all the parts that "count" and put cute little stickies in their spots instead with hearts or kisses or cute sayings.

    He got a kick out of my efforts, the guys he worked with said it was


  2. I'm putting together my S/O's V-Day package this weekend as well. I am doing "a day at home" theme .. taking pictures of all the things we'd do in a typical day he's home and putting them in an album to send. He's really homesick, so I think that'll cheer him up! I'm also baking a TON because I usually send for his entire unit. I'm going to do heart shaped sugar cookies and a TON of brownies. Those guys love the brownies =]

    I like the cd idea.. I may try that too =]