Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Snapped

The other day CB and I were "talking" on facebook and it ended up with me losing it.

Why did I use "talking"? Well because you could hardly call what we were having a conversation. He was clearly talking to like everyone and their mother, which is fine. Once I realized he was distracted I sincerely offered to give up my chance to talk to him so he could focus on talking and catching up with everyone else. Besides I had to get ready for school, so the timing wasn't that great on my end either. He thanked me and left me alone, for a whole 5 minutes.

Blow dryer and round brush in hand, I notice him messaging me again on facebook. He pulls me in by paying attention for the first few minutes and I set down the dryer and brush to talk to him only to be disappointed by his one word answers. I let this go on for way too long till one of his one word responses makes me lose it. I had written something very personal to which he replied "beautiful". At this point I was furious told him I was going to be late for school, which I was,and slammed my laptop shut. Did I mention I'm pmsing??

2 minutes later I can't stop myself  from sending him a nasty email telling him how after the bad week I had I thought maybe he would have been a little more responsive and caring. I told him I knew everyone wanted to talk to him and that's why I was willing to give up talking to him because I wasn't in the mind set to fight for his attention, not on a computer, especially not facebook.

I of course apologized in another email a little later on and now I feel horrible. I really wish I could have kept myself in line more but I'm not perfect and shit happens. I just don't want that to be the last thing he reads for a few days, I really hope he gets to see my "I'm sorry email" soon.

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