Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yesterday Was Awesome!

I started my day off bitching and whining that I didn't want to go to school only to log into my school e-mail to find out I didn't have to go! Yay # 1.

I then went on to blog that I wished CB would call and HE DID! Yay #2.
I had caught him on facebook but my chat always screws up with him and constantly shows him offline, then online, then offline, then online, you get the picture, so I asked him to call instead since I had a lot to update him about and I was pleased when he said "Sure, just give me a few minutes." Well, those few minutes dragged into 2 hours. I was scared to get into the shower because I figured as soon as I would put shampoo in my hair the phone would ring. After an hour I realized I couldn't just keep sitting on the couch with my phone in my hands randomly yelling at it "RING!!!!" so I decided to risk getting pulled out of the shower a big soapy mess.

I have to admit it was the most awkward shower I have ever taken. I was so scared I would miss the phone call I left the shower curtain mostly open (yes, I realize this was pointless and really messy), I put my cell phone on max volume, and kept jumping in and out of the shower every time I heard any sort of sound. Needless to say the bathroom floor was a puddle by the time I got out.

Then I was fighting with myself over whether or not I should blow dry my hair because what if I don't hear the phone and miss the call? So I literally blow dried my hair staring at the phone instead of the mirror.... I should have just stuck my finger in an electrical socket, I would've gotten the exact same results in no time.

Anyways, all this to say, the phone call was amazing and exactly what I needed. I also hope I'm not the only crazy person who acts this way when they are expecting a phone call....

Yay # 3 happened at the bookstore, there was no line, they had all my books in stock, and all my books look really interesting, well except for my philosophy one. I almost fell asleep reading the index table.

Yay # 4 took place while on the phone with CB. We were discussing my countdown and he let it slip that they are due back a lot earlier than I am expecting. BUT, but, but I have decided this, while exciting, is not going to change a thing. I am going to continue to countdown to my predetermined date until I know exactly what time I am picking him up at and it's about 12 hours away.

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  1. Hey there fellow military blogger from Canada! So excited to have found another like me!

    My hubby was on tour also, and I remember those phone calls for us were few and far between (he was in the thick of it all away from Kaf). Sometimes it was three weeks before I'd hear from him.

    Anywho, come check out my blog, you just may enjoy!