Friday, January 7, 2011

100 Days

Tomorrow marks the 100th day since I have seen CB in person. 100 days!!!!!
This leaves me with mixed emotions. I am excited because 100 days is a huge accomplishment and means the end is near. I am also sad that it's been just as long since I've gotten to hold him, kiss him, and spend quality time with him. I never thought I would be happy to say "It's been 100 days since I've seen my boyfriend" but I am!
68-ish days to go.

The new issue is..... MIDTERMS!! I've never had classes yet that have double midterms, and so far 2 of my 3 do. Guess when they are scheduled? That's right! When he is roughly due home. My imaginary countdown date is March 18th, and like I've mentioned in earlier posts he's hinted that it will be sooner than that. Well, if you calculate 5.5 months exactly it's March 10th. No big deal right? Who wouldn't want him home a whole 8 days earlier?? It's somewhat of a big deal because that night I have a mid term. I also have one on the 4th. So now my mom and I are praying he comes home somewhere in-between those dates.

I have come up with a few plans as to what I would do if he comes in on either of those dates.

Plan A - Ask my professors if they would be willing to make an exception due to the circumstances and let me right the exam earlier or later. The issues with this is 1) I am only his girlfriend not his wife, so I don't know how willing they would be to make the exception for me, let alone anyone. 2) Them allowing me to do this completely depends on their views and experiences with the military and a bunch of other factors.

Plan B - Fake sick and go get a doctors note so I have a reason to miss the exam. Problems with that are 1) If I ask them to excuse me beforehand they may remember and know I faked sick and not accept my absence. 2) I could spend all day in the doctors office.

Plan C - Give CB my exam schedule and ask him to meet me afterwards. I don't like this plan very much due to 1) I'll have to sit through the exam knowing he's outside waiting and I wont be able to concentrate. 2) I'll end up looking like a blubbering idiot in the middle of campus. 3) I'll miss his actual homecoming! I've been dreaming about that moment of seeing him come off the bus since he left, actually since before he left. I know how much it would mean to him because it would be the first time he actually had someone there to meet him. I would hate to not be there for either of us.

I really don't know what to do... all I do know is that I wont ask my professors until I have a better idea of when he is coming home. I'm open to suggestions and advice! Please help! As for right now I'm just keeping positive about it. The truth is we have no clue when he is due home yet and so while I can start getting prepared there is no need to worry.

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