Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pajama Party For One!

Who looks this cute in their pajamas? Really!
Blah! I feel guilty...I skipped my courses today. I couldn't bring myself to blow dry my hair, put on make up and go out into the world today. Instead I spent the day in my pj's and CB's sweater and spent the day pulling my hair out looking for research articles related to my own research. I failed! EPICALLY!

Okay I'm exaggerating, there were articles I just refuse to spend money to read them when they may not even be relevant! Yes, I'll pay $12.99 after reading a very vague description about your paper.  I'm horrible with libraries, I can't take the silence, but I may just have to attempt to use one.

Tomorrow I have my two interviews back to back, I hope I didn't screw myself with this. The first one with Ikea is in person, the second is with the bank and on the phone. I'm really hoping I'll have enough time to get home in between the two so that I am not stuck doing the interview in my car. I need to pace when I'm on the phone.

I am proud of myself though! This will be the first time I have ever prepared for an interview. I wrote down answers to possible questions, looked up the companies, all that jazz. Now please cross your fingers and toes for me! If neither of these go through I think I'll be standing on a street corner looking like this:

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Let this go well.

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