Saturday, November 20, 2010

Starting to worry

This is the longest time CB and I have gone without talking since the start of his deployment....
My mind is racing with possibilities as to why this is. Unfortunately for me my mind can be my worst enemy at times and I can't help but think of a few bad scenarios. I try and push them out of my head as fast as they come in. I just keep reminding myself it's a different world over there and the lack of contact can be for a number of reasons. DON'T JUMP TO ANY CONCLUSIONS! Easier said then done....

I broke something at work yesterday! YAY me! I'm such a klutz.
Life is pretty boring at the moment with not much going on....  Work is okay, school is good, CB is gone, and Cece continues to annoy me about CB, I swear I could dedicate a whole post to her...but I wont.

I take comfort in the fact that now I have a job and school so the days will hopefully pass more quickly. I am shocked that it has already been 7 weeks since he left. Thank god for friends and family. My mom is my biggest supporter and I feel guilty for always talking her ear off about him. I think it's cute when she tells me how much she misses him too.

Off to work... lets hope I don't destroy anything else today.

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