Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2 Days, 2 Phone Calls

Needless to say I am happier than a pig in dog with a bone. I got to talk to my lover twice! I'm sure you all know how great this feels after a long period of silence! I can't contain my joy at the moment!

I got to have coffee with him on the phone yesterday and today we told each other stupid jokes.

He's too cute. I was telling him how excited I am to send off his Christmas box, which I realize will probably not get there on time at this point but I haven't had any cash for a while so it had to be postponed. His response was "Well is there anything left from that 200$ I left you to send me stuff?" I pissed myself laughing, his first box cost me more than 200$. He was shocked but realized how possible it was after he thought of everything he got, nothing was home made. The whole reason he was asking is cause he wanted to know if I had enough money left to buy him a toothbrush, shampoo, and bodywash. I thought it was adorable that he was that thoughtful to worry about me spending 20$ on things he needed/wanted when he knows I've been tight with money.

I told him that even though the money was gone on his first box, I had no problem spending money on the other boxes as it was something I always planned on doing. I also justified it to him that if he was here I would be spending the same amount of money, if not more, on things for us/him anyways. I also reminded him if he was here he I would probably be spending way more on his presents than this next box.

I had an extremely blonde moment with him on the phone that for some reason I feel the need to document. There we are talking away when all of a sudden I start hearing these odd sounds in the background. So I asked him what the noise was, was he walking around in the wind? No, he told me, it was a helicopter. My response was priceless..."Why are you close to a helicopter?" We both started laughing at the same time. I guess I had gotten so caught up in our conversation I had temporarily forgotten where he was in that instant.

Off to make chicken noodle soup, I got sick being out in the rain yesterday trying to fiddle around with the damn car, which by the way for those of you who are interested is still sitting dead in the driveway.

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