Friday, December 3, 2010

You'll get it soon!

I'm retarded when I'm sick, apparently! Work was torturous with my head cold. I couldn't even complete the simplest task without struggling. Not to mention the evil eye I got from people every time I dared to sniffle, let alone pull out a Kleenex! Wow.

The day was slow but passed by quickly. Bonded with the staff which was nice, asides from one exception.
Mr. Exception is an idiot. I have seen him around the store from time to time, he collects the shopping carts. We have had a few 5 second conversations of pleasantries here and there when he initiates them. Well. yesterday, I was up in the staff lounge relaxing on the couch sending a few texts and killing time before I had to go back. Guess who shows up? Mr. Exception. He sits across from me and starts chatting me up.  I let him ramble on, I politely smile at a comment he makes to which he responds "Oh wow! I made you smile, you have such a gorgeous smile! I should make you smile more often!". All I can think of at this point is "FML! It's to early to go back to work and to late to go anywhere else. I'm stuck here!" Insert gag reflex here. I guess I had rolled my eyes or he caught my disinterest because he quickly proceeded to tell me how "heartless" he is, everyone tells him he is an ass and heartless. Congratulations? What do you say to that, honestly?  My choice was to get up and walk away.

Men are stupid!

This brings me to my next topic. CB!

I got another phone call, yay! I was asking about the boys and how everyones holding up and for the most part they're all good. D is back in contact with his ex fiancĂ©e, which makes me want to smack him when he gets home. T is away, which almost gave me a heart attack they way CB worded it. T is CB's roommate, they were roommates on the last tour as well, and so when I joked that he should go spoon T he responds " I can't...he's gone!" His choice of wording through me off for a second, I asked him to use the word "away" next time.

After that we got on the topic of B's upcoming wedding. I have never met the couple and wasn't sure when/how the got engaged, so I asked CB about it. Apparently he had proposed right before he left which I responded to with a sigh of relief. I had thought he had proposed while they were deployed because I only heard about it fairly recently. CB laughed and told me no you don't propose on the phone, which I told him I completely agreed with but not all men get it, some men are stupid!

Bet you though I was going to bitch about CB didn't you?

And this is where my over analysis comes in. His response was:
You'll get it soon!
My mind started racing! I'll get what soon?

  • A ring?
  • A proposal?
  • A kick in the face?
  • what??????
We both went silent as my mind raced over this very quickly and I decided he must be just saying things to be funny and so I went with the kick in the face theory and told him that wasn't what I wanted. He asked me what did I want and I told him hugs and kisses. He asked if that was it, I said no, I also wanted him and a big dog to keep me protected while he was away in the future. This he thought was a good idea and a good place to end our conversation.

So now here I sit playing the words over and over again in my head, trying to push them out of my thoughts, trying not to over analyse them, and trying to take them for what they are, just words. But what did he mean'?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

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