Friday, December 10, 2010

Dog Sitting

I got roped into dog and house sitting today when I really need to be studying my ass off for my exam tomorrow morning.

As I mention in an earlier post, one of my friends dogs has started suffering seizures and they were unable to determine the cause of them here so she had to be taken to a specialist 4 hours away. How does this result in my dog and house sitting? Her mom is waiting for a parcel from UPS and needs someone here to sign for it, enter me. So I grabbed my dog and books and came over here to study. Problem is, I don't want to study! I rather play with the dogs!!! They're too cute.

I turned on my laptop in hopes that I'd get in the mood and instead I've ended up on her blogging about studying...instead of actually studying! Someone needs to duct tape my textbook to my hands.

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