Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Feel Like a Lobster

This is going to be short and to the point

  • Still in a blah mood
  • Hurt myself at work, not seriously but still enough that I'll need to visit the doctor tomorrow. I hurt my wrist, it's in a tension band and I feel like I have a claw for a hand.
  • My car is ready YAY! It was nothing major!
  • Braved 4 malls yesterday and I'm still not done my Christmas shopping... I'm scared to see what the stores are like tomorrow.
  • Got one of my final exam marks back.... not happy with it but I did pass! B+ isn't anything to complain about considering all I've been dealing with this semester, just sucks cause I was in line to get at least an A...meh
And I saved the best news for last! I got my 2nd Christmas gift today in the mail! CB's present arrived today!
Actually I lied I got 2 Christmas gifts today! The jacket and a gift card from my "little sister" and her mom.

Despite already getting 3 gifts I am not in the Christmas spirit this year and I feel bad because I've ruined it for my mom to the point where she didn't want to get a real tree so she wouldn't rub Christmas in my face... I feel guilty. Maybe I'll surprise her with a tree tomorrow... if I can pick it up.

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