Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

I've been so preoccupied with studying for finals that I haven't felt much like writing or had much to really post about. Life is boring at the moment, stressful yet boring.

I decided to post a letter to CB instead of trying to come up with something to blog about.

Dear CB,

*Warning - This is going to be a girly letter so suck it up and deal with it! hehe

I'm laying here in bed thinking of you, as usual, only tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary. It seems crazy that it's already been that long. Especially because I can remember the night we became a couple like it was just the other day. 

I remember what I was wear, exactly! That you were already inside Tim Horton's when I showed up, late as usual. I remember you didn't turn around when I walked in so I kicked your bum. We grabbed our ice caps and you insisted that we go for a walk which made me cringe inside because I already had sore feet from work and I was still wearing my heels. I remember wanting to be so mad at you, not even wanting to show up, and wanting to hit and kiss you all at the same time. Luckily I decided to kiss you! You are such a good kisser.

Ever since that night you continue to amaze me. I am impressed with how well you take care of your little brother, the steps you have taken to get closer to your dad before you left, and how caring, understanding and loving you have been with me. Oh and how could I forget how cute you are with your grandma, you light up her world.

I really do appreciate everything you do for me, especially the understanding and patient part. I'm sure I haven't been the easiest to go through deployment with at times. I realize I need you a lot and message you a lot at times. I'm sorry if it gets annoying but I just can't restrain myself. You see, not only am I missing my boyfriend, I'm missing you as my best friend too. It's hard having you "both" gone at the same time.

Anyways I wont drag out my girliness. Just know I love you for a multitude of reasons, I'm happy you picked me, and I wouldn't want to be in this situation with anyone other than you.

Happy 6 month anniversary hotstuff! You're stuck with me for many, many, many more of these! I hope you don't mind.

I love  you,

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